AC-DC 1W Surge protected 5V PSU

AC-DC SMPS converter with <0.3W standby consumption and 4200 Vrms Pri-Sec. isolation in a 42 x 42 x 22 mm package!3D model 5V power supply for arduino and raspberry zero by Nadim Conti

Let’s face it, most of the time you have that beautiful project in mind, you take Arduino, code it and, snap! You’re stuck with a PC or a bulky power supply. But what if you want to integrate all of that in a small package? This design might be what you’ve been looking for, and it’s tiny (42 x 42 x 22 mm).

This AC-DC 1W Surge protected 5V PSU that you’ll find in the following files is based on a 42M3-2L PCB (42mm x 42mm with M3 standard holes to let you mount multiple boards one on top of the other, with 2 layers of copper).

3D model of a 1W 5V power supply with surge protection by Nadim ContiThe main component, in orange, is a Vigortronix AC-DC SMPS converter (the exact PN is VTX-214-001-105), capable of very good performance on a low budget. Everything else is there to stabilize the outgoing current (one 25V 470uF CAP) and to protect the primary side of the SMPS (MOV + FUSE).

Schematic of a power supply 1w 5V

Connectors are not designed to be shared between boards nor to have low inductance or high currents passing through them (it’s a 1W PSU, remember), but it should suffice most of the simple projects out there.

Mind the gap between your power consumption and the 1W limit!

For more info, take a look at the schematic and source files (Altium Designer 18).



Attention: source files are not designed to be used in an automated assembly line, there’s no structured BOM nor Pick & place file, this is a DIY assembly project.

Note: by clicking the download link you’ll be shown a 5-second advertisement, that’s the only thing helping this website to stay online while offering free of charge content.




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