About Nadim


Nadim here, my time on this planet is dedicated to ensuring people can live a free of mind and fulfilling life.

To do so, I’m committed to solving some problems that, if not tackled, will give humanity more than something to be worried about in the future.

Most of the time I work at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)  and European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), this way I can share the search for truth on why we do exist with thousands more people on the planet.

By pursuing this treasure hunt at the LHCb (CERN experiment), we are also able to develop new imaging technologies to detect and treat tumours and cancer among countless additional intriguing applications.

Diagnostic applications of fundamental research – High School Conference – Lecco (Italy) – 2018

The rest of my time is divided between my constant studies, a couple of long-term projects to improve the way we live, and giving conference talks to High School students about the importance of their interests and decisions. This way, I hope to show them new opportunities and to inspire their will to pursue a great goal in one of a kind lifetime.

If you are interested in my resume, consider visiting my Linkedin profile, or continue reading here for a brief summary.


System Design

Designing complex multi domain systems orchestrating electronics, mechanical, software, firmware, and user experience integration

Electrical Measurements

Analysis of interconnects and PCBs via means of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), Vector Network Analysis (VNA), Cross Talk, Eye Diagram, and dielectric strength measurements

Flexible PCB Design

Engineering FPCB interconnects to provide wire-harness improvements in dense systems. Including High Voltage, High Power and High density high frequency signalling layout (Altium Designer)

High Frequency Simulations

Full 3D RF and MicroWave (MW) ElectroMagnetic (EM) simulation with Finite Element Method (FEM) using Agilent Design Suite (ADS). 2D Power Delivery Network (PDN), Power Integrity (PI) and Signal Integrity (SI) analysis


System & Electronics Designer

INFN – Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics

2015 – Present

  • Introduced Agile techniques to the Institute, using tools like SLACK and TRELLO. Responsible for the maintenance of agile tools, team co-supervision, and training of new comers.

  • Designer of the two front end PCBs for the LHCb UT experiment at CERN (€300.000,00+ R&D Project).

  • Designer of the backbone flexible PCB interconnections between the front end boards and the area outside the particle stream for the LHCb UT experiment at CERN (€700.000,00+ R&D Project).

  • Designer of the systems responsible for testing all the flexible PCB interconnects in the LHCb UT Experiment, both inside and outside the particle stream (Mechanics, Electronics, Firmware, Software) (€40.000,00+ R&D to test a €1.000.000,00 equipment).

  • System designer of the setup used to test the front end electronics of the LHCb UT Experiment (concept and supervision).

LHCb Collaboration Member & Technical Officer

CERN – Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire

2016 – Present

  • Responsible for the technical side of purchase orders regarding PCB and materials required for the electronic systems, including interconnects, instruments and 3D printing solutions for a grand total in excess of €500.000,00.
  • Writing acceptance and requirement documents for the production of PCBs manufactured in house at CERN and with external suppliers.


Politecnico di Milano

Electronics Engineering (B.Sc) – Focus on High Speed Interconnects

2015 – 2021

Signal Integrity Academy (LeCroy)

Online courses on Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Power Delivery Networks, S-Parameters and High Frequency

2018 – Present

eForHum – Cisco Training & Certifications

Cisco CCENT 100-101

2015 – 2016

IIS S. Ten. Vasc. A. Badoni

Diploma in Information and communication technologies

2010 – 2015