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Nadim Conti - Space Up Milan 2016 - PoliMi
Nadim, SpaceUp Milan 2016

Welcome! Nadim here, my time on this planet is dedicated to ensuring people can live a free of mind and fulfilling life.

To do so I’m committed at solving some problems that, if not tackled, will give humanity more than something to be worried about in the future.

Most of the time, I’m at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)  and European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), this way I can work with 1000 more people on the planet at searching the truth about why we do exist and how our universe works, especially its relation to antimatter.

By pursuing this knowledge eagerness, at LHCb (CERN experiment), we are able to develop new technologies capable of pinpointing cancer or tumors in our bodies to be treated (this antimatter stuff starts getting serious uh?) or to investigate how our brain works, and many more applications.

Nadim Conti - Conference
Diagnostic Applications of Fundamental Research  Conference in Lecco, 2018

The rest of my time is divided between University studies, a couple of long-term projects to improve the way we live so that we may have a chance to not destroy this planet and have a future, writing, sketching and giving conference talks to High School students about the importance of their study and decisions. This way I hope to show them new opportunities and to inspire their will to pursue a greater goal in one of a kind lifetime.

For a look at my résumé, please visit my Linkedin profile or continue below for a brief summary.


Résumé Summary



INFN – National Institute of Nuclear Physics
December 2015 – now

System and Electronics Designer



CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research
September 2016 – now

LHCb Collaboration Member



Politecnico di Milano – Wireless Embedded Systems Lab
June 2014 – November 2014

Internship Student


elemaster logo

ELEMASTER –  Testing & Quality Control Department
July 2013, 2 weeks

Internship Student




Politecnico di Milano
Electronics Engineering (B.Sc)
2015 – Now


Signal Integrity Academy (LeCroy)
Online courses
2018 – Now



Networking Academy – Cisco CCENT Certification
Frontal class course and hands-on labs
2015 – 2016



A. Badoni High School
Diploma in Information and Telecommunication technologies
2010 – 2015