Development (2015- now) – Status:  Development

Sunshine-HomeBring sunshine into your home, singing birds, sea waves, take the sunset too and since you’re there, don’t miss the aurora.

Sunshine means experiencing light and music at home. Is a wall-mounted system able to understand and predict your needs, adjusting lights and music, to let you enjoy every moment in your life, from reading a book to taking a shower with the northern lights.


 Development (2013 – 2015) – Status:  Still running…

LaCattedrale is a high security and home automation system that can serve users by letting them to stay in and leave their homes without worrying about their belongings, and that when they’ll be back, will be there to maintain the house a pleasant and comfortable place to live in.



Development (2015 – 2016) – Status:  stand-by

Is a “black box” demonstrator for wireless penetration testing.
BoaFi was developed to test vulnerabilities over wireless protocols used in a daily basis by everyone with a smartphone in their hands and as a feedback machine during the development of IoT and M2M systems.



Development (2011 – 2012) – Status: EOL after 1 year of service

HINAP, was designed as a lab instrument able to improve school students experience in learning electronics and performing circuits analysis.
With a multi MCU architecture I’ve used it to substitute instruments, like multimeters, Logic Analyzers and (only in my dreams) a very slow oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer (via FFT).


Development (2016- now) – Status:  concept stand-by

Mesosfera is the name under which I’m sharing a long lasting love I have with space, a research for the day I will not sleep, waiting the countdown to send into space, from Europe, the first small european cubesats re-usable launcher.

The project is about designing a small vector, that can be developed in an Open Source community between university and High School students, able to place into orbit from Europe at most a 12U cubesat and recover the first stage by gliding it through the mesosphere to ground, without starting it again.