Useful Resources

Here you will find some interesting links, apps, books, and tools that could be a very handy asset to have in System & Electronics, PCB or Product design, Management, Productivity, and life.

Electronics & PCB Design Apps

Altium Designer

Is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design software, Power Delivery Network (PDN), Signal integrity (SI) and Impedance simulator. The software is just awesome and used at CERN, SpaceX, INFN, and others. It features many courses online.
Price varies – Free 30 day trial


Is an open source Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software for Windows, OSX and Linux. It will help you create PCB circuits for free. Officially supported by CERN, it also features many online courses and a wide user base.

EasyEDA Designer

Is a browser-based EDA tool suite for PCB design, circuit simulation, project sharing and direct manufacturing links. It is easy to use, learn and definitely my goto when teaching high school students on how to do PCB design from scratch.
FREE or 4.9$ per month

Electronics & PCB Simulation Apps


Is an integrated circuit simulator, which means you are able to setup a circuit with a graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the behaviour of the circuit with DC, AC, S-parameter, Harmonic Balance analysis, noise analysis, etc.

Saturn PCB toolkit

Is a PCB design related calculator software with a very simple GUI that can help you to compute Microstrip, Stripline and Differential pair impedance, Via & PCB trace max fuse current, Planar inductor, Crosstalk and much more.

PathWave ADS

is an electronic design automation software that provides an integrated design environment aimed to the development of Radio Frequency (RF) and MicroWave (MW) electronics devices. Steep learning curve, but very useful.

Fast Field Solvers

Is an ElectroMagnetic Workbench (composed by FastHenry2, FastCap2, VoxHenry, FastImp) that can help with inductance, impedance and capacitance estraction. The GUI might not seem so intuitive at first, but worth the effort.


Is a full-wave 3D electromagnetic field simulation environment solving Maxwell’s equations in time-domain. The development is stalled for the moment and there are issues in the software, but being free, it might be of use for someone.


is a Finite element solver (Finite Element Method Magnetics) for 2D and axisymmetric magnetic, electrostatic, heat flow, and current flow problems with graphical pre and post processors. Definitely not as user friendly as the first three softwares here, but powerful.

Management, Productivity & System Design


is a web-based (with desktop and mobile apps) Kanban-style list-making application. You can create ToDo Lists on a virtual blackboard, stick post-its, move them from “doing” to”done” and keep tracking your project developments. I use it for everything.
FREE + premium plans


Is a browser-based online white board that can be shared between team members to think together over flow charts, wireframes, and mind maps. Very useful in Project and System design to define block diagrams and the inter-relation between the project’s domains.
FREE + premium plans


Is a company working on improving the way new ventures and businesses create value (oversimplified). They offer plenty of canvas to design and evaluate your business, hopefully, to design better solutions.
FREE + Premium plans


Is not itself an application that you can use out of the box, but a scripting environment to automate operations you would otherwise do manually on your PC. Available cross platform it can save you plenty of time. (see here an example).


Is a windows based search application to locate files and folders by name instantly. You can find it both in portable and installer version for x86, ARM and x64 platforms. Paired with a shortcut on your keyboard it is miles ahead of any seatch features on windows.

Worth to mention:

  • Who knows what’s coming

Writing & Content Creation


is an Online browser-based text editor running on the Latex environment. If you’ve always been writing documents in Word and are in search of a better way, Overleaf will let you focus on your content while handling all the typography work for you.
FREE + Premium Plans


is an online and addon based grammar and logic analyzer engine built to help you in having a feedback on how your content sounds and be warned of any possible grammar or logic error. If you’re not a native speaker, this could help you more than a normal corrector.
Free + Premium Plans


Is a web based design aid tool to help you in the design of almost anything. It will provide thousands of templates for invitation letters, advertisements, book covers and much more. very useful if you want to design something without professional tools.
Free + Premium Plans

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